The 'MLB players who won MVP and ROY' quiz
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The 'MLB players who won MVP and ROY' quiz

Will Shohei Ohtani become baseball's first $500-million man?

The 28-year-old former MVP is set to hit free agency following the 2023 season. The Los Angeles Angels aren't interested in any trade talks, and while they will certainly do everything in their power to bring him back, Ohtani may simply want to leave for greener pastures. Just how much green is the question. Unnamed executives around the league think he could command the biggest MLB deal in history, but will someone actually give him half a billion dollars? It's hard to imagine a player being more valuable to his team than Ohtani given that he is the best two-way player baseball has seen since Babe Ruth. This winter alone, MLB front offices handed out over $3.5 billion in new contracts, so don't be surprised when Ohtani breaks the bank around this time next year.

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. In MLB history, only 29 players have earned both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player honors over the course of their careers, an exclusive club that Ohtani is part of. So with that in mind, how many can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!

2022 AL MVP / 2017 AL ROY / OF
Aaron Judge
2021 AL MVP, 2018 AL ROY / DH/P
Shohei Ohtani
2020 AL MVP / 2014 AL ROY / 1B
Jose Abreu
2017 NL ROY, 2019 NL MVP / 1B
Cody Bellinger
2015 NL ROY, 2016 NL MVP / 3B
Kris Bryant
2012 NL ROY, 2015, 2021 NL MVP / OF
Bryce Harper
2012 AL ROY, 2014, 2016, 2019 AL MVP / OF
Mike Trout
2010 NL ROY, 2012 NL MVP / C
Buster Posey
2007 NL ROY, 2011 NL MVP / OF
Ryan Braun
2007 AL ROY, 2008 AL MVP / 2B
Dustin Pedroia
2006 AL ROY, 2011 AL MVP / SP
Justin Verlander
2005 NL ROY, 2006 NL MVP / 1B
Ryan Howard
2001 NL ROY, 2005/2008 NL MVP / 1B
Albert Pujols
2001 AL ROY, 2001 AL MVP / OF
Ichiro Suzuki
1991 NL ROY, 1994 NL MVP / 1B
Jeff Bagwell
1986 AL ROY, 1988 AL MVP / OF
Jose Canseco
1982 AL ROY, 1983 AL MVP / SS
Cal Ripken, Jr.
1977 NL ROY, 1987 NL MVP / OF
Andre Dawson
1975 AL ROY, 1975 AL MVP / OF
Fred Lynn
1970 AL ROY, 1976 AL MVP / C
Thurman Munson
1968 NL ROY, 1970/1972 NL MVP / C
Johnny Bench
1967 AL ROY, 1977 AL MVP / 2B/1B
Rod Carew
1964 NL ROY, 1972 AL MVP / 3B/1B
Dick Allen
1963 NL ROY, 1973 NL MVP / OF/IF
Pete Rose
1959 NL ROY, 1969 NL MVP / 1B
Willie McCovey
1958 NL ROY, 1967 NL MVP / 1B
Orlando Cepeda
1956 AL ROY, 1961 NL/ 1966 AL MVP / OF
Frank Robinson
1951 NL ROY, 1954/1965 NL MVP / OF
Willie Mays
1949 NL ROY, 1956 NL MVP / SP
Don Newcombe
1947 NL ROY, 1949 NL MVP / 2B
Jackie Robinson

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